After years of reading other people's great blogs here I am making my own. My name is Stephanie Murray and I am highland Scottish. Although my roots are very important to me in everything I do in daily life I have chosen to live in France since leaving St. Martin's school of art in London some hundred years ago ! After more than thirty years of working in Haute Couture in Paris France, after moving to Brazil and creating my own label, after moving once more to China and after deciding to come 'home' to France I finally set up home in the south in sunny Nimes. In Paris I met up with Britt, a photographer from Minnesota with whom I shared the love of Jack Russells and France and vintage stuff and markets and anything transformable from oldly loved to possibly newly loveable. We ended up both in Nimes and began to collect French fabrics and tapestries and anything we could make into something. I found a great old apartment with huge rooms and high ceilings in the historic center and set up my workroom once more accompanied by my two Jack Russells Alias and Dora. Finally after years of dressing all the world famous models for dozens of fashion shows for designers such as Chloé, Inès de la Fressange, Karl Lagerfeld and Antonio Marras I decided to give up fashion as regards frocks and settle into deco-design and am working through a range of products made from upcycled, almost throw away materials. Here are a few of the pillows and bags and things made from our vintage finds which I sell on Etsy.com under our common store 'Metroart' a fabulous idea for a website presenting a window into people's craftwork from all over the world.

jeudi 26 mai 2011

More little women

After a pause and some more trials I decided that it was all about the clothes and so now I am happy to dress my faceless dolls and concentrate on the detailing.

In case I didn't mention it before I have called her Oona and although she remains 'faceless' she does have a definate personality. Here she sits patiently all decked out and ready to 'face' the world at large.
I lined her coat with the same print as the dress. It came from a 1920's photo of an English school in São Paulo, Brazil which I found in a market over there and had printed digitally onto 320 point pure egytian coton.
I think that I could have made myself a coat in less time it took to make this one ! All the buttonholes work !
A fancy chain to hang it up in a chic restaurant ! and of course the label !! Murray.
This is more or less a copy of a full scale dress I had previously made myself, I just love this print and the coton is wonderful next to the skin.
Here is her 'It bag' complete with extra shopping tote folding up into a neat little key chain pouch and a large document case full of French postcards !!
Underneath the rough surface lies these sexy silk undies finished with antique black lace. In the first doll I didn't trim and thought that it was ultimately missing. Error repaired this time round. It not because you can't see it that it doens't exist. Makes her feel special too.
Here you can see all the detailing of the coat with the tiny buttons and top stitching.
Here is a detail of the bag lining. I used a pretty vintage coton and of course added the label for extra authenticity.
Finally after a harrowing day out on the town Oona sits and enjoys a 'real' cup of Scottish tea, freshly sent by my mum from the highlands !!! AND I am not joking, its real tea with a dot of milk.

I hope that you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed making. In the beginning it began as a commercial venture but the hours involved cannot be used to calculate the price so now I jsut make them for my own pleasure and as we all know there are pleasures that simply cannot be bought.