More little women

After a pause and some more trials I decided that it was all about the clothes and so now I am happy to dress my faceless dolls and concentrate on the detailing.

In case I didn't mention it before I have called her Oona and although she remains 'faceless' she does have a definate personality. Here she sits patiently all decked out and ready to 'face' the world at large.
I lined her coat with the same print as the dress. It came from a 1920's photo of an English school in São Paulo, Brazil which I found in a market over there and had printed digitally onto 320 point pure egytian coton.
I think that I could have made myself a coat in less time it took to make this one ! All the buttonholes work !
A fancy chain to hang it up in a chic restaurant ! and of course the label !! Murray.
This is more or less a copy of a full scale dress I had previously made myself, I just love this print and the coton is wonderful next to the skin.
Here is her 'It bag' complete with extra shopping tote folding up into a neat little key chain pouch and a large document case full of French postcards !!
Underneath the rough surface lies these sexy silk undies finished with antique black lace. In the first doll I didn't trim and thought that it was ultimately missing. Error repaired this time round. It not because you can't see it that it doens't exist. Makes her feel special too.
Here you can see all the detailing of the coat with the tiny buttons and top stitching.
Here is a detail of the bag lining. I used a pretty vintage coton and of course added the label for extra authenticity.
Finally after a harrowing day out on the town Oona sits and enjoys a 'real' cup of Scottish tea, freshly sent by my mum from the highlands !!! AND I am not joking, its real tea with a dot of milk.

I hope that you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed making. In the beginning it began as a commercial venture but the hours involved cannot be used to calculate the price so now I jsut make them for my own pleasure and as we all know there are pleasures that simply cannot be bought.


  1. absolument magnifique. Avez-vous pensé de la vente de modèles? Je l'aime ..

  2. Vendez-vous le tissu portrait de l'école?

  3. Hello there, thanks for commenting on this post. I am preparing another blog about 'Haute Couture' at the moment and setting up my own small business. The school fabric I still have some and just today found someone who can redo it here in France on my fabric. Many companies use their own base fabrics which are not so nice as I use egyptian coton. If I start making some i will let you know, it comes in panels. As for tatting, I haven't tatted in many years, I learnt it in Scotland when I was ten and was passionate about it back then ,,, water has flowed under the bridge since then my dear !!!! best wishes for Chritmas x Stephanie

  4. Forgot to say that today I wore the same dress, bigger of course !!! as I had a meeting in Paris with a designer. I wore it with a similar cashmere cardigan and some antique marcasite brooches,,,,,, the weather here in France is so clement at the moment ,,,,, xx

  5. I bet you looked awesome! I hope your meeting went well.
    I was so inspired by your creations, I had another idea. Your dolls would make wonderful photographic illustrations for a children's book. It could have a paper doll section at the end of the book that the children could cut out and play with.
    Thanks for the good wishes. Happy holidays back at you!

  6. Well ,,,, I did sort of stand out ,, but in the world of haute couture anything goes !! I did think of doing a book on the doll and giving the patterns for the body and clothes and lots of details of how to miniaturise things ,,, then I got swept up in other things, you know how it is. There are always so many things to do and time flies quickly. I have amassed lots of bits to make her some new outfits, in the book there was to be 'hommage à' pages, with such icons as Frida Khalo, Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Jacky Kennedy, Grace Kelly etc ,,maybe when I find a home again and a sewing machine. At present I am working on a couture collection for Qatar and staying in a small town called Laval for four months. Spending Xmas alone here with my doggies ,,thank god for canine friendship !! best wishes for xmas to you and yours, Stephanie

  7. Thank you for your wishes. You are so right about the doggies. I hope your Christmas was lovely as well. Sounds like you are working on something very interesting. I'd love to see that book published! :)


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