Tapestry reborn.

At one point I took up tapestry and made thirty or so pillows in a flurry of wool and canvas and neatly stored them away for a future home with a sofa big enough to accomodate them all! In France I began collecting tapestries or 'canevas' as the French say in markets and sales all over the place. Many were really well made and others just had nice colors but they all were framed and had once hung in pride of place before fashions for such things changed. I took pity on these forgotten treasures and over the space of a year or so ended up with dozens of them with the help of my friend Britt who spots some of the nicest ones. The problem is that they are often dusty and musty and they don't lend themselves to the cosiness of pillows but a quick wash and tumble and they all turned out lovely and ready to be hugged. Here are some of the the more classic ones made into pillows, backlined in vintage fabrics or plain linens depending on the theme and are again lined in coton and zippered up.