Toile de Jouy on a theme.

This theme of pillows was inspired by a great piece of expensive 'toile de Jouy' I had been keeping to do something really nice with like cover an antique chair. although I do have quite a few antique chairs to cover I thought finally that it would make great pillows. I cut out each of the images and hand embroidered them onto pieces of natural colored linen then backlined them with some lovely matching red check. The theme of the 'toile' is sport and sporting games in the nineteenth century. They look really good as a group and make me wish I had more toile to play with but unfortunately most of the toile I find is poor quality and as I intend to make my pillows more 'couture' I wait patiently for the next great find. Living in the south of France has many benefits but I do miss the Paris fabric markets and especially the 'marché St. Pierre' up near Montmartre where you can find some great designer fabrics. 


  1. cool! great job! love the tiny doll sweater and floral 2 piece lingerie or swimsuit for dolls, great for adults too! please post more!! thanks for sharing


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