After years of reading other people's great blogs here I am making my own. My name is Stephanie Murray and I am highland Scottish. Although my roots are very important to me in everything I do in daily life I have chosen to live in France since leaving St. Martin's school of art in London some hundred years ago ! After more than thirty years of working in Haute Couture in Paris France, after moving to Brazil and creating my own label, after moving once more to China and after deciding to come 'home' to France I finally set up home in the south in sunny Nimes. In Paris I met up with Britt, a photographer from Minnesota with whom I shared the love of Jack Russells and France and vintage stuff and markets and anything transformable from oldly loved to possibly newly loveable. We ended up both in Nimes and began to collect French fabrics and tapestries and anything we could make into something. I found a great old apartment with huge rooms and high ceilings in the historic center and set up my workroom once more accompanied by my two Jack Russells Alias and Dora. Finally after years of dressing all the world famous models for dozens of fashion shows for designers such as Chloé, Inès de la Fressange, Karl Lagerfeld and Antonio Marras I decided to give up fashion as regards frocks and settle into deco-design and am working through a range of products made from upcycled, almost throw away materials. Here are a few of the pillows and bags and things made from our vintage finds which I sell on Etsy.com under our common store 'Metroart' a fabulous idea for a website presenting a window into people's craftwork from all over the world.

dimanche 17 avril 2011

Turning things around.

As I said before most of my tapestries were lovely as is once washed and made into pillows but chance showed me one day that the side that most people never see can be just as beautiful if not more so. Studying the thousands of stitches gave me the idea to show the reverse side of these works of art and turn them into 'something else' . This technique makes the pillows look a hundred years old in the way the English use antique textiles in interior design in England's great old homes. Finding really nice old frayed tapestries is almost imossible unless you are prepared to go to many sales and sift through the piles of musty museum pieces you can sometimes find there. Using the back side of these fifty year old tapestries gives you a hard wearing equivelent that can fit in with modern upcycled interior design. Here are some of my first trials which I think look really good. I backlined them with a gorgeous piece of designer fabric left over from covering one of Britt's sofas some years ago, its a great almost denim color and really compliments the tapestry colors. All the photographs were taken by my friend Britt Erlanson whose work you can see on Getty-Images. The photographs were taken in the gardens of a lovely old French house here in the country.

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